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Quartz Sphere 45mm - Anayah London

Quartz Sphere 45mm

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Widely known as a great source of natural healing. The Quartz Sphere stone is all about keeping positive energy around you pure and transparent, whilst helping to dispel any negative energy around you. Commonly used for massage as well as other therapies to give balance through the mind, body and soul.

Measuring 45mm you can easily carry one or two in your possession. The balance of rotating two in your hand will help to relieve stress in the same way as a stress ball.

Keep one on display in your space or give as a gift to someone special. When placed in an open space will emit energy in all directions.

Please note: The image you see may not be the exact same shade or pattern as these can vary from one to another. All sphere's are produced with the same level of quality and craftsmanship.

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